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a Temporary Manager

A Temporary Manager is a senior resource that for many years has successfully worked for companies of different dimensions, developing a considerable professionality together with high flexibility and adaptability to different business situations.


a Temporary Manager

The activity of Temporary Management consists in the intervention of managers, external to the organisation, for defined periods in order to fill a temporary gap and/or to manage a change.


a Temporary Manager

Organisations can avail of external Temporary Managers when they don’t have sufficient, appropriate or available resources, or because noone within the organisation is suitable for grappling with the problem identified.

What are the ADVANTAGES of availing of Temporary Managers


Temporary Managers are really experienced sources that have developed, within companies of different dimensions, a considerable professionality together with high flexibility and adaptability to different business situations.


The rapidity of a change is often a priority compared to the change itself. In other terms, the failure to solve a problem or the failure to start a project entail no obvious costs, as well as the failure of a new turnover, always higher than those of a Temporary Manager.


Temporary Managers allow costumers to define a tailor-made duration of the contract and the number of days; they bring innovation, high level skills and make it possible to develop projects that still have to get off the ground or new business plans, for which internal resources are insufficient, unavailable or inadequate.


Companies are always full of areas of improvements, that are reflected on margins increase, decrease in costs, profit increase. Thanks to the experiences gained in several contexts, Temporary Managers are able to quickly identify areas of improvement, to implement Best Practice and to optimize business processes.


Temporary Managers are not “spoiled” by the daily modus operandi, by market paradigms and therefore they suggest otherwise extraneous solutions to the company; they are used to take action and can easily take part of the company team because of their knowledge about business dynamics, they can communicate with internal resources and interact with them in a short time.


Temporary Managers are intellectually independent, they aim to the result and are well accepted by the structure because their intervention is directed towards growth and restricted to a determined period of time.

When to avail of Temporary Managers

Main fields of application of a Temporary Manager:

Commercial Marketing Reorganisation

Sales Network Reorganisation,
Development of New Business or Business Unit

Corporate Restructuring Reorganisation

Generational shift
& Corporate Governance

included ex art. 67 e 182 bis L.F

Crisis Situations


Four main services that Prosegec is able to offer to companies, to achieve the success of its intervention:

Business Development and Business Management Projects for the analysis and the definition of the strategy to be applied and the goals to be achieved.

Recruitment & Selection of Temporary Managers in collaboration with the Studio Temporary Manager™ S.p.A., to satisfy the research of a Manager with great rapidity and efficiency.

Business Check Up to get an initial analysis of the company and to identify any possible criticism and intervention areas.

Team Missions to operate synergistically with more managers in every areas where it is required to introduce additional skills.

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